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Poppy and Zander in Zen Forest

Mar 2, 2021

One morning, Big Andy – the Forest’s biggest Moose – wakes up to find a sock on his antler.  “Nobody leaves this forest”, he tells all the inhabitants quite angrily, “until I’ve unmasked the phantom sock flinger”.  With those unnecessarily aggressive words, the forest enters lockdown; nobody is allowed in and no one gets out. This, as it happens, is quite inconvenient for Poppy and Zander, who have made skateboarding plans.  “If we help you unmask the Phantom Sock Flinger, can we go to the Skateboard Park?” Poppy reasons with him.  Big Andy eventually agrees, and with that, an uneasy pact is made between Polar Bear, Gander, and scary Stag.  “Okay Poppy” Zander whispered in her ear “you’ve got us into this, now where do we start?”