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Poppy and Zander in Zen Forest

Feb 26, 2021

Alvin the Ash Tree has got a big floppy fringe.  For many years, his branches have been left unattended and now the leaves are so thick he can’t see through them.  Poppy and Zander offer to help and with the assistance of some furry forest friends they set about giving Alvin a short back and sides.  The only problem is, the `short back and sides’ quickly turns into a `bald all over’ with some danger of “Timber!”  Before long, it’s a race against time to keep Alvin raised against the vines and prevent one of the Forest’s most upstanding citizens falling from grace.  Poppy and Zander must focus all their attention on solving each problem one at a time and lean on one another, before poor Alvin leans any further.