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Poppy and Zander in Zen Forest

Mar 1, 2021

Poppy the Polar Bear has always dreamed of becoming a flying trapeze artist.  One day, Zander the Gander surprises her by taking her to meet Franco Squirelli – an acrobatic squirrel of Italian descent and one quarter of the famous Squirelli Brothers - Tree Top Trapeze Artists.  Franco the Squirrel reluctantly agrees to teach Poppy – the 600lb Polar Bear - the art of the Trapeze and the high wire balance act.  An intense training regime is drawn up for Poppy, her costume is made, and word goes out about the great stunning finale.  As excitement builds around the forest for the upcoming show, Poppy starts to get cold feet about performing in front of everyone and worries about the finale - where Franco the Squirrel must catch her.  It’s up to Zander to allay her fears, fill her with encouragement and make sure the show goes on.