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Poppy and Zander in Zen Forest

Mar 1, 2021

Milly the Frog has been sitting on her Lily Pad for an awfully long time.  In fact, neither Poppy nor Zander can remember a time when they saw Milly swim in the pond.  After some clumsy but well-intentioned questioning, Milly confesses to them both that she doesn’t get in the water because she doesn’t know how to dive … and the other frogs will make fun of her.  “Don’t worry Milly” Poppy reassured her, “Zander is a Goose – he’s the best diver in the forest, he’ll teach you!”  It was then they learned that Zander the Gander couldn’t swim.  Before long, the three friends hatch a plan to help each other out; Poppy teaches Milly to dive, Milly teaches Zander to swim.  What could possibly go wrong?  As it happens, quite a lot.