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Poppy and Zander in Zen Forest

Mar 2, 2021

Lottie the Otter has run away in search of adventure.  You see, life in the Holt is very cramped and chaotic for her with her younger brothers and sisters. So, one day Lottie packs her little bag, jumps on her little river raft, and sails down the river, deep into the dark forest.  But the forest is no place for an Otter on her own, especially when she’s accompanied by Wilbur the Wolf. When Lottie’s mother begs Poppy and Zander to bring her home, there’s only one thing they can say.  They say yes.  With night-time approaching and the air getting colder, Poppy the Polar Bear and Zander the Gander set off down the river in search of Lottie the Otter.